Grey Hand Knitted Cardigan (0-3 Months)


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Gorgeous Soft Grey Handmade Knitted cardigan with Collar.

This piece can be personalised with your chosen name embroidered on the back at no extra charge.

  • Please leave the chosen name in the comments on check out.

This handmade piece is made with acrylic wool.

Care instructions:

  1. Pre-Treat Any Stains: Dampen the garment in a sink filled with warm water mixed with a few drops of gentle detergent. Rub the garment together at the stain. For tougher stains, use an old toothbrush to loosen any stubborn residue.
  2. Wash on a Warm, Gentle Cycle—Using a mesh wash-bag to protect the garments from ripping, tearing and tangling,  Wash on a gentle cycle with warm or cool water. You can also hand-wash your handknitted jumper if desired.
  3. Lay Flat to Dry—Though acrylic is relatively durable and resistant to abrasion, it may lose its shape or stretch if placed in the dryer. It could also be left with permanent wrinkles if not properly dried. Immediately after the wash cycle is complete, lay your sweater on a clean, flat surface to dry.


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